Friday, September 03, 2010


One of my favorite Portland traditions is the waterfront concert by the Oregon Symphony. In my mind, going to this concert was a key experience validating that we had really moved back to Portland. We thought we would only be albe to go for the early portion and so we could get the kids to bed. However, my Mom ended up coming into town and babysitting for us, so Carolyn and I had stayed the whole time. We found Becca who had extra space so we could sit closer than we ever have before. It was as good as I remembered it being and combined with the warm weather made for a fantastic evening.

Other People's Posts

Here are a couple good articles I've read from other people's blogs this last week. The first here, is one by Donald Miller about 20 somethings and the delay many seem to have in growing up. It's really interesting and I appreciate some of the challenges he puts out there.

The second one here, I found on and is about Christians and sexuality. It's a summary of another blog (so I guess I'm summarizing a summary), but I appreciate the direction of the conversation. If you are interested in reading further about healthy biblical sexuality I highly recommend Lauren Winner's Real Sex and Lewis Smede's Sex for Christians.