Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Special Day

Today was Elisa's second birthday. We woke up in the morning and opened a few presents then had a delicious breakfast of waffles and smoothies.

Elisa has grown so much in the last couple months it's been amazing. She is becoming so much fun to play with and watch grow. I'm so thankful for my little 2 year old girl.
This has been a joyful two years of being her Daddy.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fear of Failure

Back in October I was challenged to submit a presentation proposal at an upcoming conference I wanted to attend. The conference is the Institute on College Student Values and it takes place at Florida State University in Tallahassee in early February. When I heard about the conference I knew I wanted to go, but it would be a little expensive. My boss encouraged me to make a presentation proposal to see if it could offset the cost. Patrick, one of the other RDs from JBU and I submitted a session titled "Assessing Student Values Gained Through Residential Living." After waiting what seemed like a really long month and a half we finally got word that our proposal was accepted!

Putting myself out there to be rejected really made me nervous because it's not a very big conference and this is something I've never done before. Multiple times while Patrick and I were planning I almost said it wasn't worth it and thought about quiting. My insecurity was getting to me and making me think it wasn't worth the effort. I'm really thankful we went for it. We also got a scholarship from ACSD (Student Development organization we're members of) to offset the cost. Now the hard work of preparation begins.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tip of the Day

If you buy a new pair of running shoes, you shouldn't run 5 miles the first time you wear them.... you'll get blisters.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Generation Gap

While having lunch with a student today mentioned that old video game, Skate or Die:

He had no idea what I was talking about.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Working Out

Elisa likes doing push ups.

You can't hear it very well (a little the first time), but each time she does a push up she gives this little grunt breath that is really funny.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Another Milestone

Elisa used a spork for the first time tonight. She makes me so proud.

Monday, November 02, 2009


Elisa was really cute in her tigger outfit for Halloween. We went downtown with the crowds on Friday afternoon. She loved seeing all the other kids and watching them walk around. However, we had an unfortunate turn of events with our camera. After taking a picture I set it on the stroller and as we started walking again it feel off. It doesn't take pictures anymore. So, they will be fewer and further between for now. Fortunately we still have our old film camera and will be able to continue documenting the growth of Jonathan and Elisa, it'll just be a little less convenient for right now. Any recommendations on digital cameras (I'm hoping to replace before Christmas)?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Opening Night

It's been a long off-season and tonight the Blazers are back in action after reaching the playoffs for the first time in 5 years last year. They had 54 wins in 08-09 and they are going have less this year because of a tougher schedule, even though they will be a better team. Portland is no longer emerging, youth isn't an excuse anymore and the championship window is open. The expectation is that they will make a run at winning the Western Conference since they are the best team in the West to challenge the LA Lakers.

The key to the season is going to be chemistry. They have the depth (their second unit could start for 1/3 of the teams in the league), coach, and foundational pieces (Roy, Oden, & Aldridge - photo above) to make a deep run in the playoffs. It all depends on if the team put personal accomplishments aside for the good of the whole (click here for more).

At the end of the season, everyone will be disappointed if there is another first round playoff exit. With the championship window open they only have a few (3-4) years to make it all the way. Teams climbing the ladder only get 1 or 2 shots at winning it all. This year will be a good test to see if they can go deep into the playoffs and whether they will really be contenders. It will be fun to watch and I can't wait for that championship parade..... soon, very soon.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Good Weekend

Elisa picking out her pumpkin.

We went to the Farmers Market in Fayetteville on Saturday morning.
Elisa kept picking up this tomato and I'd ask her to put it back. This process was repeated about six times before the guy said she could have it. She liked eating as much as she enjoyed holding it.

At one point I looked at Elisa in the stroller and her bunny was gone. She had dropped him somewhere. We started walking back retracing our steps and found him sitting right here waiting and enjoying the view.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nike's 10K

Today was The Human Race 10k. This was the second year of this event and the whole idea seemed cool to me. Joining with a million other people around the world, all running on the same day at the same distance. Participants use Nike+ iPod kits and digitally upload their run times to Nike's website to verify completion. I recognize that the whole endeavor is a marketing scheme for Nike, but it was motivating for me to keep running. That's one big accountability group.

Shockingly, Siloam Springs wasn't one the 3 locations in the US that had organized races, so I had to run alone. Although most of the run went well I fell into a hole with about 2 miles from the end. There was a family standing in the trail blocking the path. A whole package kind of family: Grandma, Mom, Dad, Dog, 2 kids and they were all just standing there looking at the leaves. Since I was coming up behind them I figured I would just run by on the side in the grass. On my second step off the trail my right foot fell into a really deep skinny hole that was completely covered by leaves (I don't know how my shoe even fit into it since the opening wasn't that big). I'm really thankful and surprised that I didn't break my foot since the hole was deep enough that it came to 6 inches under my knee. I've never fallen while running before and it happened so quick. I was just running along then all of the sudden my leg disappeared and I was on the ground. All in all it was just a lot of fun to be apart of something on a global scale (99 countries were represented) while living in good ol' Siloam Springs.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In Depth Analysis

The following is Elisa's commentary on Football while watching a highlight on ESPN:




Friday, October 16, 2009


Today, Elisa put her shoes on completely by herself. Then after her nap she did it again. They aren't just slip ons either, they have a Velcro strap. I don't know if it's just because there is a new baby here, but she has seemed so much bigger this week. Definitely a little girl now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today was Jonathan's one week check up. No worries about getting back to birth weight. He gained six ounces. He's weighing in at 9 pounds 10 ounces.

Health Care

Throughout the national debate about health care reform I've had mixed feeling about the whole thing. Having read a number articles from various newspapers and magazines have all been about the same. I've been craving a more nuanced view on the whole subject. I found it while perusing the November edition of Popular Mechanics.

I found the following interview with Dean Kamen. He is the inventor responsible for the Segway and a mobile dialysis machine to name a few. Here is the segment of the interview pertaining to healthcare (click here for the full article):

PM: What’s your opinion of the debate over healthcare?

DK: I’m very worried that the entire debate is misguided. I mean the whole supposition: “We have a crisis in healthcare.” Our healthcare system is developing incredible devices to improve the quality of people’s lives. We’re developing pharmaceuticals that alleviate the need for surgery. We’re making the surgeries that are necessary ever less invasive. If we have a crisis, it’s the embarrassment of riches.

PM: But how about rising costs and concerns about healthcare being rationed?

DK: Each side of this debate has created the boogeyman and monsters like “We don’t want to let this program come into existence because that will mean rationing.” Well, I hate to tell you the news, but as soon as medicine started being able to do incredible things that are very expensive, we started rationing. The reason 100 years ago everyone could afford their healthcare is because healthcare was a doctor giving you some elixir and telling you, you’ll be fine.Of course we ration today.

PM: So what’s the answer?

DK: The way to ration less is to make more good technical solutions. Diabetes alone, if you include all of the long-term, insidious consequences, is responsible for about 30 percent of the federal reimbursement for healthcare. But what if tomorrow we could wipe out diabetes? I’m sure in 1920 if you asked actuaries to say what percentage of our GDP are we going to spend taking care of people with polio, they’d say: “They’ll sit in iron-lung machines their whole lives with three people watching over them. We can’t support them all.” But what did it actually cost to deal with polio? Oh, $2 apiece. We gave them the Salk vaccine.

If you want to sit here today and project forward these horrific costs of treating everybody and you want to assume we are not going to make therapies and cures better, simpler and cheaper, well, you know what? We might actually get to that being the situation—if we stop investing in technology, if we stop believing that the future ought to be better than the past. I think this debate shows a fundamental lack of vision, a lack of understanding of what’s possible.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Jonathan Gregory Brock

His name is Jonathan Gregory...It came right down to the final hour of being in the hospital, but Carolyn & I came to a decision we both really like. Jonathan means God has given or gracious. We've been home for about 24 hours now. It's fun watching Elisa's fascination with the baby and it's great getting everybody rested again. Carolyn seems to be doing great and was able to get some decent, albeit short, sleep last night.

For the record, it was much harder to pick a name for a boy name than for a girl.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

First Look

It's a Boy!

Our son was born this afternoon at 3:00. He is healthy and Carolyn did great. He weighed in at 9 pounds 4 ounces & 20 inches long. Everyone is happy and healthy. I'm picking up Elisa to go meet him right now. His name is still undecided......

Check back for pictures soon.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Time Has Finally Come

Although the wait hasn't felt nearly as long this time (to me...I can't say the same for Carolyn), our second child should be here sometime tomorrow. Carolyn & I are heading into the hospital early in the morning to be induced.

We've had a good week, especially since my Mom got here on Sunday night. She got here later than planned because she was selected for a more intense search through security and missed her flight. When Elisa woke up in the morning to find her in the living room she got really excited. She has been in a great mood and loves playing with Grammy. Carolyn & I are thankful that Elisa can sleep in her own bed and be at home with Grammy to take care of her while we are in the hospital.

I'll post pictures and news as soon as I get a chance. Please appreciate your prayers as we go through labor and the adjustment to a family of four.

Friday, October 02, 2009

October 7th

Unless he comes naturally, Carolyn & I will head to the hospital early Wednesday morning or her to be induced. The Dr. said he expects Carolyn to go into labor before then, but we should have a baby by Wednesday night if not.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For the Record

No baby today. Carolyn's 2 for 2 with 'em coming late.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunny Day

This week the weather has been fantastic, mid to upper 70s and nothing but sunshine. To make the most of it we went for a little walk across campus this afternoon. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not For Sale

Last year I read Not for Sale with my book club. It's a great book about the global slave trade. I had no idea the extent of how bad things really are. The book looks at various parts of the globe and tells what's happening and how people are trying to help, even in America. Here is a quote from the book:

Human trafficking generates $31 billion annually and enslaves 27 million people around the globe, half of them children under the age of eighteen.....Go behind the facade in any major town or city in the world today and you are likely to find a thriving commerce in human beings. You may even find slavery in your own backyard.

It's easy to think that human trafficking only takes place in other parts of the world, but it really is all over the states too. Last year KGW news ran a series about sex slavery taking place in Portland (click here for a link to my previous post about it). I highly recommend this book as a good way to educate yourself on a major issue that can't be ignored anymore.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Final Countdown

One week until the due date.

Female Perspective

I wanted to follow up my last post of J. Alvin's intro video with the female counterpart. The women's only residence hall on campus is named Mayfield. Here is their RA intro video (I love how stereotypical and antithetical they are):

Monday, August 31, 2009


From the first day I walked onto campus I knew JBU was a quality school and that I would privileged to be a part of the educational team. Well, it seems that other people are starting to recognize JBU's quality as well. We were just named the #2 school of 96 in the southern region. Click here for the press release about it.

In other news, JBU has a new logo. Read all about it here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RA Intro

As is tradition here at JBU, the RA teams made videos to introduce themselves to the new students. Here is J. Alvin's entry this year (It was very well received):

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Leaf

This year I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm keeping my work email inbox empty. For years (ever since I started using email) I've been that guy who has hundreds of emails in his inbox. I never sort them out or delete them. All those messages just sit there, all read, but just wasting away yearning for a home with more meaning than simply "in."

I've found that this method of "organization" sometimes leads to messages without a response and tasks that are left undone. This year to prevent this slipping through the cracks scenario I'm keeping a clean inbox. I'm one week clean so far.

How long before I get my first pin?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Best Ever

I came across this article from Dime magazine on the 1992 Dream Team (the one and only). Probably the most talented basketball team ever to play together. At the end of the article there is a YouTube video of highlights from the team. Many of them feature Clyde and there is even a shot of the former Blazer Arvidas Sabonas getting dunked on by David Robinson.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dinner & A Movie

Last week Carolyn & I had a first in our relationship. After being married or dating for almost 12 years w finally went to dinner and a movie for a date last week. It was fun.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Just a quick note to say we're back home in Arkansas. We arrived after a long day of travel to a seemingly brand new apartment. A wall was removed that separated the living room & dining room/kitchen. It's nice and spacious. Now we can actually fit the people we host and we'll have more natural light throughout the day. Initial impression is very positive.

Elisa did well traveling, although she didn't sleep at all on the plane. I think today was the longest day of her life without naps. We arrived at Seatac at 11 am and she didn't fall asleep until we got to the car in Tulsa at 11 pm. She never melted down on the plane, she was as squirmy as could be. It was as if she was fighting off any chance of sleep by simply staying in perpetual motion. We made it though and are glad to be back in our own beds.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July


We had a great time with Carolyn's family this weekend. It started off by going to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge which had great trails that Elisa could run around on without getting into trouble. It made it easy for all of us to enjoy the wildlife and beauty.

John, Kristine (Brother-in-law & his wife), & I started the fourth out by running in a local 5K. We had a great time and all finished within a minute of each other. It was good for me to run with people who are faster than I am, makes it easier to set a new PR. Saturday evening we hung out and had a cook-out, of course. My Mom came up for the day, which made it really nice to have the combined families together. Tonight I showed the Olson's one of my favorite movies, Lars & the Real Girl (Link to previous post about it). It was great to watch it again. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. I'll even let you borrow it if you like.

Elisa with her "Friendship Pagoda" that Uncle John & Aunt Kristine bought for her. She wasn't unhappy, just bitting her lip.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer so Far

It's been a great summer in the NW so far. We've seen all our family, went to the beach, and got away for our anniversary. I think the highlight so far for me was going to Seattle for a few days with Carolyn. We left Elisa with the grandparents and enjoyed being in a city by ourselves. It was a lot of fun just checking out places and doing things we hadn't done before. We rode the water taxi, enjoyed eating out, and checked out the Seattle Central Library. The library was even more impressive from the inside than it is on the outside.

Click here for a link to some pictures of the summer so far.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Together Again

It's so nice to have Carolyn home again. She had a fairly humorous reuniting with Elisa at the airport that you can read about here. My week at home with Elisa was a lot of fun and I'm really glad that Carolyn had a good vacation. I think the hardest thing to deal with while Carolyn was gone was putting up with the, "I bet you can't wait for Carolyn to get home" comments. The ones that implied because I was male I'd have a harder time with my own child than my wife would. It wasn't greatly offended or anything, I just don't like the stereotype that mothers are the only good caretakers of children. Anyway....

All in all it was a good week with Elisa, but the last two days with Carolyn home have been fantastic. Yesterday we went Geocaching, which we hadn't done in almost a year. Today we went to the city water park and Elisa loved it. She cried the whole way out to the car because she didn't want to leave. The poor girl was shivering and shaking like crazy since the water isn't heated (no need for heaters in Arkansas summers) and it was still cold because the park just opened last week. We fly out to Portland on Tuesday for our summer vacation. We kind of have a lot to do before we'll be ready to leave.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pic of the Day

Elisa & I having lunch at Subway.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Pic of the Day

Look Mom, Daddy lets me get messy too!
This was Elisa eating lunch today. She kept putting applesauce in her hair and went straight into the tub after it was all over.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pic of the Day

Elisa with her friend Caroline from our home group.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pic of the Day

Lately when Elisa wakes up from her nap she doesn't want to get out of bed right away.
She likes playing in her crib for a while before I take her out.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pic of the Day

I'm going to try and post a picture a day while Carolyn is away so she doesn't feel too left out from all the fun Elisa & I are having.

Home Alone

This morning, Elisa & I dropped Carolyn off at the airport so she could go on vacation in Phoenix for a week. We had bought this plane ticket so Carolyn & Elisa didn't have to be home along while I went to a conference, but my conference got canceled. It turned into the perfect opportunity for Carolyn to get a vacation. So, Leesi & I are home alone. I think we'll manage.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Making Pancakes

Tonight Carolyn enlisted Elisa's help while making pancakes for dinner. Needless to say Elisa had a great time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Before moving to Arkansas, we bought a new Dell laptop. We've had problems with it in some form or another since it was 2 months old. Now it even at 3 years old yet and it's shot. I thought I'd at least get 5 years out of it, but it looks like it's done. I've had it worked on, only to come back in worse shape. I'm going to try one more shot at repair, but it looks like the motherboard is basically falling apart. Any recommendations on a good replacement would be? I'm seriously considering a Mac at this point.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Great Commercial

As many of you know, I love a funny commercial. This one popped up this week and I think it's great. A little backgroud for those who don't follow the NBA, LeBron throws chalk at the begining of each game (as immortalized in this ad which was filmed while playing the Blazers in Portland). So, in this commercial Kobe & LeBron are puppets and roommates.

The second in this series can be seen here.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunny Day

Today we had a great afternoon of adventure. Our church had their annual family picnic today, so we spent lunch and early afternoon hanging out with all the friends from church. Then later we went for a bike ride. Just this week I got Elisa's kid seat on my bike and she loves it. She spends the ride pointing at birds, barking with dogs, and reaching out to play with my shorts (giggling every time she does this). This is the first time in what feels like years (since Carolyn first got pregnant with Elisa) that we've been able to ride together and it is great. May is such a great time for us, I still have projects for work, but it is completely flexible. Check out some great pictures of Elisa eating ketchup here on Carolyn's blog.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Friday wasn't a great day for Elisa. She was just edgy and a little whiny all day. Carolyn couldn't figure out why, but it was a long day. Well, we figured it out that night. She is sick, again. She threw up in bed, again, and had a fever. She's been sleeping a lot this weekend. Today Carolyn & I went to church in shifts and Elisa seems to be feeling better today. She had a long nap this morning and is going on 2 1/2 this afternoon.

Carolyn & I looked at each other last night and we both felt like Elisa's been sick so much lately. 14 out of the last 24 days. I didn't realize it was that much. We've been to the Dr., had tests, and have no answers. We'll go again this week now that it's back.

I was forwarded this great video of a bicyclist named Danny MacAskill who can do amazing things with a bike. Control like I've never seen before. I think anyone who has ridden a bike or tried to do anything pertaining to balance will appreciate this video.

Friday, May 01, 2009

It's a Boy

We found out this week that Baby Brock is a boy! We're really excited that Elisa will have a baby brother. Things are moving along well for Carolyn even though she had hoped to feel better at this point. His due date is September 30th, but I don't expect to see him until October.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


We had a great weekend in Oklahoma City. On Saturday morning, we were able to have breakfast with the Varelas, which was great. So good to see them again, it had been years and years since the last time. The big race came this morning. I was the last of a 5 person marathon relay team. It was really, really windy by the time I started running. About 4 of my 6.2 mile run I was straight against the wind. I thought for sure I wouldn't make my goal time, because I was exerting so much effort just fighting the wind. It turned out that I made it with 22 seconds to spare. It was a great weekend away from campus and now we're ready to finish off the semester. Only two weeks left!
Here is Team JBU:

Our overall our time was 4 hours and 17 minutes. We finished 31/112 in our division. Interesting fact, the race completely sold out each event and they had 19,000 runners today.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Brewster Visit

The Brewster family has been here since Thursday afternoon. They're on a national tour and we're so glad they were able to fit Siloam Springs into the schedule. This afternoon we all went to the Gentry Safari. A fun time was had by all.

The kids looking at the kangaroos.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I saw this commercial the other day for the first time. I love the shout out to the A-team with the similar music and BA's van, classy stuff:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow & Lightening

We woke up this morning to snow. It was strange snow, in little pellets, like dippin' dots. The weirdest part though was that there was lightening and thunder too. Carolyn had to work at the library and it was nice to hang out with Elisa today. We had a good time and it was the first day in a long time that she was able to get two really good naps in. The weather prevented me (I wimped out I guess) from changing the oil in the car like I wanted to today. I just didn't feel like getting really cold today when it was going to be 60 tomorrow & 65 Monday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Clear & Warm

Today it's going to be 81. I went for a run this morning before my breakfast meeting and was completely comfortable in a t-shirt. Delightful.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Props to the Blazers. With a win over the Grizzlies last night, they have sealed their first winning season in six years. They already have more wins than last year and there are still 15 games left. This entire season Portland has played beyond expectations. The amazing thing is that everyone assumed if the team was to have any success, it would be at the hands of Greg Oden. Greg has done fine (not bad, not great, just fine), but the team is used to playing without him. He's been out with injuries more than any other player on the team this year. He was the right pick for this team in the draft two years ago. He will have a great career and be a major asset to this team, eventually.

Barring any great catastrophe, Portland is playoff bound. The magic number to get in is 10. Any combination of 10 Blazer wins or Phoenix losses guarantees them a spot in the playoffs. The chances of making it out of the first round are slim, but it all depends who the match up is and if the Blazers can get home court advantage. They are a different team playing at home (14-19 on the road 28-6 at home). No matter what happens, just making it to the playoffs and getting that experience will be great for this team. These next few years are going to be fun to watch.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Last week we had a campus wide competition called Dorm Wars. Each residence hall participated in a different event each night. Here is J. Alvin's entry in the hall commercial competition. I think it goes without saying that we won:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Invention of the Year?

I was amazed after reading this story about a pizza vending machine. Fresh pizza made from scratch 24/7. Not a bad idea to me. This guy looks happy to have some pizza.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Elisa's Safari Drive

Click here for a link if the video doesn't work.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Elisa's Safari

Today we went to the Gentry Safari. It's a place where you can pet a bunch of animals and then drive your car through all the other areas (It's the next town North of Siloam Springs). The whole time we were there Elisa would get really excited anytime animals approached the car. She especially liked the petting area and chasing the chickens. Here are some highlights:

Baby in my arm, Spider Monkey on my head.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


This afternoon I picked up Carolyn's parents from the airport. They'll be here for a week to hang out and visit with Elisa. I'm really glad they're here and Elisa seems to be excited to see them again. Before they came we talked about how to pack and what the weather is like. I didn't know what to tell them. On Saturday it snowed all day. On Wednesday will be 70 and Friday 80. Hard to plan ahead with that kind of fluctuation.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


We're going to have a baby! Again! Carolyn is 9 1/2 weeks pregnant and we're really excited. We went to the Dr. last week and have a due date of October 3rd. Elisa will be 22 months older than her little sibling. So far Carolyn hasn't been nearly as sick as she was last time, but has been very tired (Click here for her description). Although she said she hadn't thrown up at all in that post, that is no longer true. In the half hour since she wrote it, she just did. I'm praying this isn't a new phase, but rather just a fluke.

One thing that surprised me when Elisa was born was how quickly I was ready to have another kid. Carolyn asked me if I'd be ready to have another one about a month after she was born and without a doubt I was. Just tonight as I was putting Elisa's pajamas on after her bath I was amazed at how big she is. She isn't spectacularly larger, just more mature lately (for a 14 month old anyway). It's astonishing to think that next Christmas we'll have another stocking to hang, a two year old, and a 2 or 3 month old baby.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Elisa has been such a joy lately. It seems like once she got over her last ear infection a couple weeks ago she has turned up the cuteness level and it's stayed up. These pictures are from Valentine's day are just a glimpse of her little personality.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pleasant Surprise

Today Carolyn picked up the mail to find a check from Multnomah County. Last summer, way back in June, I got a parking ticket in downtown Portland (I put the sticker on the wrong side of the car). I sent in a letter of dispute with the payment and since it's been eight months I figured my appeal was rejected. I had completely forgotten about it. Alas, out of the blue we've got an extra $24 bucks. Like I said, pleasant surprise.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is Elisa right before going to bed. It has a surprise ending.

If the video doesn't work for you click here to watch it.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Oklahoma City

I had a great time going to the Blazer game in OKC yesterday. One of the students said on the way back that it was the best night of his life. He my friend Austin (one of the RDs on campus) got to be in one of the time out contests on the court. They rode oversize tricycles down the court, spun around on a bat, then had to run back and make a lay up. Austin totally fell down right in the middle of the court. It was really funny. The students all agreed that it is a once in a lifetime experience to have 19,000 people laugh at you.

Being in a different NBA arena was a lot of fun. It definitely helped me appreciate the Rose Garden. Everything from the scoreboard, replay screen, size of seats, cup holders (none in OKC), concourses, and lighting is better in Portland. All in all it was a good time, even though I was pretty frustrated by the Blazers lack of defense and their ridiculous loss. It was still a good game and fun to watch.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Tonight I've been working on a class I'm teaching tomorrow. It was originally going to be last week, but since classes were canceled it's pushed back to this week. On a side note, last week was the first time in over 30 years that JBU canceled classes (Previous two were late 70s and 1968). The person I was co-teaching with has a conference this week, so I'm flying solo. I've been working tonight on getting what was going to be his stuff down and making the powerpoint. The lesson is on facilitating small groups and it's directed at future student leaders (RAs, Student Government, and the like).

I'll be glad once it's over because I've got other projects I need to start working on. I also found out that the rotors need to be replaced on the Outback, which I'm hoping to do before the drive to OKC on Friday.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Watching Sports


It was a great super bowl to watch, even if the team I was rooting for didn't win. I'm glad it was an entertaining game down to the end. The sporting event I'm really looking forward to this week is on Friday night. 9 guys from campus & myself are driving down to OKC to watch the Blazers take on the Thunder. Oklahoma City is the closest NBA team and I scouted out this date as soon as the season started (Got to see my Blazers). For most guys coming with me, it will be their first NBA game. Even though the Thunder are struggling this season (they've doubled their wins in January alone though), it should still be a good arena experience. Check out this article from USA Today about how life for the Thunder has been in their new home.

I'm with the birds

I thought I should go on the record as saying I'm rooting for Arizona today. When I first found out who was in the game today I didn't care. Then all week they've been showing clips of the last time Pittsburgh was in the Super Bowl....against the Seahawks. It made my stomach turn every time and on that alone I say go Cardinals.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thawing Out

The great ice storm of '09 was fun to look at, hard to walk in, and gave the students a day off. The last two days were filled with looking up wherever you walk so that you weren't killed by chunks of ice falling from the sky (all the trees & roofs). I think today will melt the rest of what is left on the ground. Fortunately we never lost power here on campus. Some people outside of town are still without.

Yesterday Carolyn, Elisa, and I went for a little walk in the park. Elisa had fun on the swings but seems to be scared of the snow/ice. She doesn't want to walk on it and when presented with a snowball she's very hesitant to touch it. It made for a fun afternoon and today is shaping up to be a great Saturday. Elisa didn't get up until 8:45 and it's been a lazy morning since then. I was going to go play paintball with the J. Alvin guys, but the place is shut down due to ice damage.

In other news, Elisa has three teeth! We noticed yesterday that the top middle-right tooth has made it's way through. Her teeth are still a little behind her appetite. Lately she's been asking for huge chunks of food. She'll grab the roll or big piece of banana in her hand eat off of it. Whenever we give her a large piece she gets a big smile and very happy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Right after the announcement that classes were canceled....


We're in the middle of an ice storm today. There are plenty of branches broken around town and I have a feeling the power could go out at any time. So far so good though.

Friday, January 23, 2009


We're about halfway through the season and the Blazers have the same record at this point as they did last year. I feel much better about this year than last, because their play has been much more consistent (the Dec. 13 game streak inflated the record last year), and everyone is gaining much needed experience. Two Blazers are listed in ESPN's top 10 (Oden & Rudy) rookies and Batum is 20th out of the top 50. To commemorate this mid-year point of the NBA season I'd like to take a little survey. Here is all the Blazers logos since the beginning. Which is your favorite?
The original that lasted from 1970-1991
This is the one I remember the most and was used from 1991-2002
This had the shortest tenure yet and lasted only the 2002-2003 season.

The Blazers current logo that has been in use since 2003.

I don't want to influence your decision, so I'll tell you my favorite/least favorite in the comments.