Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thawing Out

The great ice storm of '09 was fun to look at, hard to walk in, and gave the students a day off. The last two days were filled with looking up wherever you walk so that you weren't killed by chunks of ice falling from the sky (all the trees & roofs). I think today will melt the rest of what is left on the ground. Fortunately we never lost power here on campus. Some people outside of town are still without.

Yesterday Carolyn, Elisa, and I went for a little walk in the park. Elisa had fun on the swings but seems to be scared of the snow/ice. She doesn't want to walk on it and when presented with a snowball she's very hesitant to touch it. It made for a fun afternoon and today is shaping up to be a great Saturday. Elisa didn't get up until 8:45 and it's been a lazy morning since then. I was going to go play paintball with the J. Alvin guys, but the place is shut down due to ice damage.

In other news, Elisa has three teeth! We noticed yesterday that the top middle-right tooth has made it's way through. Her teeth are still a little behind her appetite. Lately she's been asking for huge chunks of food. She'll grab the roll or big piece of banana in her hand eat off of it. Whenever we give her a large piece she gets a big smile and very happy.

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