Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good Thing We Don't Drink Coffee:

Did a search using the Starbuck store location tool on their website, just for curiosity's sake. Turns out there are 42 Starbucks locations within a five mile of my house. That's a lot. So, I decided to see how many there is near our new home in Siloam Springs. Well, I had to broaden the search radius to fifty miles to find only 1. That one Starbucks is about 35 miles away. That's okay with me. 42:1, good thing I don't drink coffee.

Bonus Quiz: What was the last state in the union to get a Starbucks? Make your guesses in comments.


Seth said...

Last state to get coffee... I have no idea. Probably something like Missouri, maybe? Just a random guess. And yeah, a 42:1 Starbucks ratio seems pretty... drastic. It is DEFINATELY a good thing you don't drink coffee!

Jed said...

I'm going to go with... South Dakota.