Monday, August 27, 2007

Consolidation Perspective

My two alma maters, Western Seminary & Multnomah Bible College, are considering consolidating into one school. It isn't a foregone conclusion that it will happen, but they're seriously considering it. The thought of them being one makes me both happy and sad. The sad comes because it'll seem like I got my Masters from the same place as my undergrad. I can let that issue go fairly easily though.
What makes me happy is that Multnomah won't try and start their own counseling program. Being able to stand alongside Western's established program is the right thing to do. Within Portland there are already too many schools cranking out counselors that can't get jobs (the city isn't big enough to support them all). If the merger goes through it means Multnomah will most likely change to a University model, which will benefit everyone. The only thing that scares me is dropping "biblical" from the institutional name. I hope Bible is kept in the name somewhere simply to keep the vision and purpose at the forefront. There's no point in keeping "Western" in the name because it doesn't mean much. My vote is for Multnomah Biblical University.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good Day

Today was a great day. It came after a very lazy Saturday. We had some friends over for lunch after church and then went for a little walk. Here's Carolyn while we were out walking:

Being the pure outdoors man that I am we foraged for our dinner while on our walk. Walking on a paved path around town can be really challenging, so we stopped by the local pizza joint and enjoyed our peperoni pizza while sitting on a bench and watching the sun set. I am definately a purist.

Once we got back to campus we went to the Gathering (Sunday night chapel lead totally by students).

This was the first Gathering of the year and the Cathedral was packed. The energy was really high and it's always thrilling to participate in student lead worship.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


This from Psychology Today.

Coffee isn't the only breakfast pick-me-up—try yogurt. In a new study, depressed subjects who drank milk with probiotics showed improved mood after 20 days. Author David Benton says cytokines (chemical messengers) produced by the gut may be involved.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gone Digital

Well, we finally did it. We've said we'd have to get a digital camera before we had a kid for the sake of the grandparents. Carolyn's been saving up for a while now and tonight we made the purchase.


Not to bore with details about the weather, but it's just amazing how the lack of heat can make it feel so cool. It is 82 right now and the coolest it's been since we got back to Arkansas three weeks ago. It felt so refreshing to walk out the door tonight and not feel oppressed by the heat.

RA Team

This is my RA team for the year. After spending the morning on the ropes course in 100 degree humidity we then ate 374 wings at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. After that we headed to Barnes & Noble where each of the guys picked out a book that represented who they are. It's a good group and we're getting the rest of the freshman moved in today.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mystery Photo Revealed

The iconic Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo Texas on Route 66.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sam's Club

We hit Sam's Club today and although it wasn't the first time we'd been there, it was the first time we really compared it to Costco. Everyone says, including myself, that Sam's Club is like Costco. Well my friends, I had the Sam's Club Hot Dog & Soda combo and Sam doesn't even come close to Costco's Hebrew Nationals. Not even close. Costco clearly wins in every category for warehouse stores (except maybe friendly service) and there is simply no comparison.

Chronicles of Narnia

Prince Caspian comes out May 16, 2008.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Road Trip Highlights

At the Grand Canyon with our friend Anna.

Does anyone know where this is (w/o online search)?

Friday, August 03, 2007


Last year the Blazers had no nationally televised games and the only game I saw was the one I went to over Christmas break. This season there are 19 televised games. Portland will play in the NBA season opener against the Spurs and one on Christmas day against the Sonics (who had the #2 draft pick). I guess having Greg Oden with the #1 pick suddenly makes you attractive to ESPN & TNT.