Monday, May 22, 2006

Evel Knievel
So, I saw an article the other day about how Evel can barely walk from his condo to the pool any more and is living in constant pain. As I glanced through the article it detailed how the 67-year-old cultural icon has an incurable disease of the lungs that causes scaring and hardening making it hard to breath sometimes. But, that isn't the big problem. He has broken over 40 bones in his body and has enough metal in him to build a Hummer. Not to mention the short-term memory damage from so many concussions.

The guy has survived over 300 perilous motorcycle jumps. Multiple times he has crashed, but always lived to tell about it later. Here is what I think is so strange: "I can't wait to meet God," he says, "and ask why he didn't make me go faster on some of those jumps, why he put me through all this pain. He knows I'm not evil."

It is interesting that he blames God for all of his pain. That he is a good person and not evil, therefore he shouldn't have this much pain. He doesn't "blame" God for letting him live survive all his wrecks, letting him land so many safely, nor going off them in the first place. But he seems to think the consequences are God's fault.

Another example of why it is important to think about the implications of your theology.

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