Friday, January 23, 2009


We're about halfway through the season and the Blazers have the same record at this point as they did last year. I feel much better about this year than last, because their play has been much more consistent (the Dec. 13 game streak inflated the record last year), and everyone is gaining much needed experience. Two Blazers are listed in ESPN's top 10 (Oden & Rudy) rookies and Batum is 20th out of the top 50. To commemorate this mid-year point of the NBA season I'd like to take a little survey. Here is all the Blazers logos since the beginning. Which is your favorite?
The original that lasted from 1970-1991
This is the one I remember the most and was used from 1991-2002
This had the shortest tenure yet and lasted only the 2002-2003 season.

The Blazers current logo that has been in use since 2003.

I don't want to influence your decision, so I'll tell you my favorite/least favorite in the comments.


Greg said...

I think my favorite is the original followed closely by the 02-03 version. I really don't like the current logo at all, never have. In the Rose Garden and other places they just use the pinwheel as the logo, which I like, but the grey square is their official logo for now.

The Hill's said...

I choose the first one.

Carolyn said...

I like the original one the best... I dislike the 02-03 version.