Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Time Has Finally Come

Although the wait hasn't felt nearly as long this time (to me...I can't say the same for Carolyn), our second child should be here sometime tomorrow. Carolyn & I are heading into the hospital early in the morning to be induced.

We've had a good week, especially since my Mom got here on Sunday night. She got here later than planned because she was selected for a more intense search through security and missed her flight. When Elisa woke up in the morning to find her in the living room she got really excited. She has been in a great mood and loves playing with Grammy. Carolyn & I are thankful that Elisa can sleep in her own bed and be at home with Grammy to take care of her while we are in the hospital.

I'll post pictures and news as soon as I get a chance. Please appreciate your prayers as we go through labor and the adjustment to a family of four.

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