Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nike's 10K

Today was The Human Race 10k. This was the second year of this event and the whole idea seemed cool to me. Joining with a million other people around the world, all running on the same day at the same distance. Participants use Nike+ iPod kits and digitally upload their run times to Nike's website to verify completion. I recognize that the whole endeavor is a marketing scheme for Nike, but it was motivating for me to keep running. That's one big accountability group.

Shockingly, Siloam Springs wasn't one the 3 locations in the US that had organized races, so I had to run alone. Although most of the run went well I fell into a hole with about 2 miles from the end. There was a family standing in the trail blocking the path. A whole package kind of family: Grandma, Mom, Dad, Dog, 2 kids and they were all just standing there looking at the leaves. Since I was coming up behind them I figured I would just run by on the side in the grass. On my second step off the trail my right foot fell into a really deep skinny hole that was completely covered by leaves (I don't know how my shoe even fit into it since the opening wasn't that big). I'm really thankful and surprised that I didn't break my foot since the hole was deep enough that it came to 6 inches under my knee. I've never fallen while running before and it happened so quick. I was just running along then all of the sudden my leg disappeared and I was on the ground. All in all it was just a lot of fun to be apart of something on a global scale (99 countries were represented) while living in good ol' Siloam Springs.

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beccafredo said...

Wow, that is so cool! You go, Greg!
When you said "fell into a hole" I thought at first you meant got tired or discouraged or something like that....then I realized you meant an ACTUAL hole! Yikes. Glad you're ok. It is a pretty funny story to tell, though!