Saturday, February 07, 2009

Oklahoma City

I had a great time going to the Blazer game in OKC yesterday. One of the students said on the way back that it was the best night of his life. He my friend Austin (one of the RDs on campus) got to be in one of the time out contests on the court. They rode oversize tricycles down the court, spun around on a bat, then had to run back and make a lay up. Austin totally fell down right in the middle of the court. It was really funny. The students all agreed that it is a once in a lifetime experience to have 19,000 people laugh at you.

Being in a different NBA arena was a lot of fun. It definitely helped me appreciate the Rose Garden. Everything from the scoreboard, replay screen, size of seats, cup holders (none in OKC), concourses, and lighting is better in Portland. All in all it was a good time, even though I was pretty frustrated by the Blazers lack of defense and their ridiculous loss. It was still a good game and fun to watch.

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