Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Car & Her Boy

Call me old fashioned, but I believe that cars are feminine. I don't know why, maybe it comes from generations of naming ships. Ask the Beach Boys. They only sang about cars & women so there must be some connection. The purpose of this post is to silence the naysayers out there. When I told many members of my family (not to name names Mom & Uncle Rick) that we were driving to Arkansas they often replied sarcastically, "In what?" No one believed that our Betsy could make it. Well, let me tell you she not only made the 2,412 miles without incident, she also did it with recently fixed air conditioning. Carolyn & I now ride in cool comfort.

Betsy is a '91 Buick Regal GS. She's not quick off the line, but she's got power that doesn't quit. This V-6 3.8 automatic also gets 32 miles a gallon. Not too shabby for a 15 year old car with 221,000 miles. I know I drive a Gramma car. Okay, it was my Gramma's, but I thoroughly believe that every person should be proud of his/her ride. Just see Hutch's posts on driving (in personal-On I-205 & Stop Light). He's proud of his car, I respect that. I'm not advocating pride (in the sin sense), just care for what takes care of you. If you can't relate, maybe I'm just old fashioned.

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wamaboo said...

Betsy is amazing, I gave her to Montana... Toyota has nothing on her! Congrats Mom