Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She Even Does Tricks

Elisa has learned a couple new things lately. A week or two ago I taught her to High-five. It's really cute because she just raises her hand above her head and smiles. On Monday night her & I were in at J. Alvin's all-hall dinner and during the No-shave November judging (Categories: Fullest beard, Best Neck Beard, Least Facial Hair, & Best in Show) everyone started cheering. Without any prompting Elisa just started clapping along with all the guys. I was amazed. She just did it out of no-where. Now, she does it all the time. Carolyn & I tried to get some video so I'll put that up sometime soon.

Carolyn & I are up tonight just getting ready for the big meal tomorrow. It should be great, and I hope you have yourself a Happy Thanksgiving!

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