Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Nice Break

We had a great time in the Northwest. Traveling went well both directions. On the flight home last Friday, Elisa didn't sleep at all until the very last minute, literally. As we were landing I turned to her and said, "Look, we're landing! See how the ground is getting closer?" Then I looked over at Carolyn across the aisle and less than a minute later turned back to Elisa and she was out in a deep sleep. I ended up carrying her still in her car seat off the plane:

Upon arriving we found Siloam Springs to be in a deep freeze. The high temp last Friday, the day we got back, was 12. The picture below is of the fountains downtown by the library where Carolyn works.

The freeze is over by the way. Today it was 54.

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Nancy said...

What a cute picture of Leesi. You surely got your exercise. Those car seats are anything but light.