Sunday, February 07, 2010

Weekend, what weekend?

It is great to be home, but between church and the J. Alvin super bowl party today I don't really feel like I've been "home" yet. The presentation went really well. It took a lot of time to prepare, but I'm really happy with how it went. We didn't get the best time slot to lead our session, but I'm glad to get the experience. We were the first session on Saturday morning and we brought Krispy Kreme for everyone to help get them ready for dialogue. Elisa got sick the day after I left with a fever. The fever is gone now, but she is still on edge and pretty emotional. She starts crying and freaking out really easily and quickly. I'm hoping she sleeps long and well tonight so that she causes less stress for Carolyn going into another long work week.

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Nancy said...

Glad to hear that God answered our prayers for your session and that it went well. I'm sure that the attendees benefited from coming.
The Super Bowl party sounds pretty exciting. Did you have a favorite commercial? Or maybe one that you thought was lame, stupid, bad, etc?
Did your favorite team win?