Saturday, May 08, 2010

It's a long story...

...but I'll keep it short. Two weeks ago I flew to Seattle to interview for a Residence Director job at Seattle Pacific University. On Tuesday they offered me the job. On Friday I turned it down.

I've never turned down a job before and this definitely feels weird. The hardest part was it would've been a good decision to either take it or not. In the end there were enough red flags and things that weren't a good fit to make us realize how to choose. The downside of turning it down is obvious, I still don't have a job. The upside is we're moving forward with plans to move to Portland and I've got two months to secure an income. I'm still working through the end of May and we'll be moving the second week of June.

For a while now Carolyn has said we need to start packing when students leave. Well, today they left and we are officially in packing season. We always leave here during the summer and I'm having to remind myself that we are actually leaving forever. This won't be our typical summer vacation, but I'm excited and hopeful about what's ahead.


Nancy said...

Don't pack everything or there won't be anything for me to do when I get there.....oh, I could just play with Elisa and Jonathan.
Pack away!!!

Wanda said...

The adventure of it all, Elisa will have volumes to write because her mommy is so wonderful to let her be creative. That's what puddles are for!