Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Search Continues

Last week was quite eventful on the job search front. I already mentioned in my last post that I had a second interview at Concordia on Wednesday for an advising position (I was 1 of 2). That interview went great and after 3 hours I had another interview for a different position. Since I was on campus they invited me to lunch with residence life folks to interview for another job I had applied for. Thursday I got the call that I didn't get the advising job and half an hour later I was invited back to campus for a second interview for the res life job.

As I drove into Portland Thursday afternoon I was only a few feet away from being involved in a major car accident, but that is another post all together. Thursday night I hung out with the staff, toured the campus, ate dinner at Kennedy school, and met with some students. It was great and I'm really excited about joining the team at Concordia. On Friday I found out I'm one of two (again) and was invited back, although this time with Carolyn. On Monday afternoon we'll be heading in and I'm excited for Carolyn to meet everyone and see the campus. I love working with college students and this position is a really good fit for us. I'm very excited and hopeful, but I've definitely realized again how very little control I have. I can only do my best, pray, and wait.

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