Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Thing

Another perk Carolyn & I were looking forward to about moving back to Portland was reconnecting with Multnomah County Library. It is second only to Queens Public Library in circulation and usually considered the busiest in the country for population served. This afternoon we took a stroll over to our local Holgate branch.

As you can see, Jonathan is super excited about being there.

Elisa is enjoying a digital reading of Cat in the Hat. I just love the headphones on her little head.


Nancy said...

I love seeing your little "bookworms" in action.

beccafredo said...

cute pics, and, way to go on the one a day thing! =)

Micah and Christa Forsythe said...

We use to live right by Holgate branch.. we miss the Portland libraries sooo much. If I am imagining right you guys live on Mt Tabor... right? I loved walking over there!

Jed said...

Oh man do we ever miss the PDX library too! We have yet to find a library of any sort here... buying books is getting expensive!