Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Celebration of Creativity

I just wanted to take a moment to show some of the ways Carolyn brings creativity into our house. She has also done an amazing job facilitating Elisa & Jonathan's creativity giving them a wide variety of craft projects and activities. So, here are just a handful of things that she's done in the last couple months, somehow all done while doing a great job of taking care of our kids and being an amazing wife.

Carolyn helped Elisa make this cool sign for her Grammy. Each letter is a different painting that Elisa made.

These cupcakes were totally from scratch and delicious for Jonathan's birthday.

Elisa's cake, also delicious.

She made Elisa this really cool place mat that has a cool feature on the flip side.

It's a chalk board!

I was so happy to come home from work on my birthday to find this.

Have you not heard tell of my wife's amazing snowflake cutting ability.
She even got honorable mention for best flake at the Rice's Christmas party this year.

These fascinating boxes were filled with amazingly delicious spiced nuts for friends and coworkers.

Allowing a 3 year old to paint in her own gifts can be challenging when you want something to look good, but Carolyn has had amazing patience and allowed Elisa to actually participate. 

Elisa picked out the shapes for each person and painted these salt dough ornaments all by herself.

She found this old calendar frame and turned it into a chalkboard for out kitchen.

Even as I wrote this post she's fast at work making our family new Christmas stockings for us. All in all, I'm sure a lot of husbands are proud of their wives, but I think Carolyn is quite exceptional.


Carolyn said...

Aw, thanks babe.

beccafredo said...

Whoop whoop! I think she is quite exceptional too!

Wanda said...

You got that right