Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I came across this interesting documentary about the team formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics, the only Seattle pro sports team to win a championship. Sonicsgate tells the tumultuous end of the NBA in Washington state. The team is now the Thunder and went to a couple games in Oklahoma city. I am happy for OKC, they are great fans and they are super thankful for their team. It's just a lame situation how the franchise left town. In the end, I think the salt on the wound is that the Thunder own the history of the Sonics. So, if Seattle does get a basketball team again, they'll never be able to retire Gary Payton's number or display the championship trophy because OKC has the rights to the team history.


Allen said...

Can they not do something similar to the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns?

John said...

Just another reason why I won't spend a dollar of my money or even want a NBA franchise in Seattle until D Stern is gone. Corruption, greed and lack of leadership has made the NBA a weak economic entity and contraction is the only way to go. Unfortunately D Stern owes too many favors to the owners of the teams that should be contracted. If your interested in why the NBA needs to get rid of D Stern check out these two Youtube videos. A disclaimer, one of the titles is obscene but the video is clean. S Gordon is one of the very few stand up guys that Washington has had in politics and public relations in my life time but D Stern goes out of his way to degrade a honorable and honest gentleman.

One clip is from 10-15 years before they left so don't think that he is sincere in anything that he says. A lot of money was put into Key Arena so that a new facility WOULD NOT be build back then. Why? Because Stern feared the NHL. There were many interested parties in coming to Seattle and any new facility would have been built to accommodate both leagues. Stern and the former owner pushed for renovation and the city/county did it.



The other end of the problem is we in Seattle have very liberal politicians who have very little sense of how to leverage a binding contract when you have the upper hand. A shrewd business man got out of the contract for a penny on every dollar owed and to pour salt in the wound as Greg said, he took all the records championships, players and history with him.

No NBA in Seattle until D Stern and C Bennett are long gone.

As much as I can't root for the Trailblazers and I won't watch the NBA I will say thanks to Paul Allen for voting for Seattle not moving.