Friday, April 29, 2011

Once in a Lifetime

I've been wanting to write a post about the Blazers all year. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. At the beginning of the year I couldn't openly admit what I thought this season could bring fear of being disappointed. I thought about writing halfway through the season that it was inconceivable that this team was going through this many injuries, again. I also thought about writing that the championship window has been officially slammed shut with the loss of Brandon Roy to double knee surgery. I may get back to some of those thoughts another time, but for now the video below captures an unbelievable performance at the Rose Garden that is worth watching. I'm so thankful I was able to be there with my best friend Greg.

It was game four, with Portland down to the Mavs 2-1 in the first round series. It will stand as one of my greatest memories as a Blazer fan, even though they lost the series. When the Blazers were at their lowest, down 23 points in the third quarter I said, "Wouldn't it be amazing if they came back to win? It would be something we could tell our kids about, but it'll never happen." It did. The Rose Garden was dizzyingly loud (It took two days for my voice to recover from so much yelling). The range of emotions experienced in this game were ridiculous; they went from total disappointment to complete amazement and shock at the final result. It happened so fast it was unbelievable. Everyone stayed in their seats for well over 5 minutes after the game cheering. Both teams were off the court and still everyone stood and cheered. On the concourse leaving the arena someone would yell and everyone started cheering and chanting, "Let's go Blazers!" Strangers were hugging and I don't think I've ever high-five'd so many people in my life. 45 minutes after the game and a mile from the arena people continued yelling on the streets and honking their horns. It makes me excited for the day when a championship finally is won again. For all that Roy went through this season, to lead this team in the biggest comeback in Blazers history (second largest in NBA playoff history) is a very compelling story and the video below does a great job highlighting this amazing performance.

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