Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Here's what's happening:

I head up to Seattle on Friday to help out with something I'm pretty excited about. Here is a copy of a letter explaining what I'm going to be doing there for the next two weeks:

Dear Friends,

Happy Summer to you! I hope things are going well in your life. I'm writing this letter not only to briefly catch you up on life in the Brock family, but also to tell you about a ministry opportunity Im participating in this summer.

Carolyn and I have just completed our first year back in Portland. Elisa is now 3 1/2 years old and Jonathan is 20 months. It's amazing how much they've changed in the last year. We're still working with college students and are serving at Warner Pacific College in SE Portland. We live on campus where I work in residence life. We have stepped back into community at First Covenant Church and have really enjoyed connecting with  our home group there. This summer, Carolyn & I celebrated our tenth year of marriage and took time to celebrate and rejuvenate after the busy academic year.

I have recently been asked to be a counseling staff member for a Missionary Kid Transition Seminar this summer from July 10 - 22. This opportunity will allow me to invest in the lives of students who are coming to North America to enter college that have grown up overseas as Missionary Kids (MKs). Many of you may remember how Carolyn and I spent time in Eastern Europe working with MKs several years ago by helping start a summer camp for them. It is amazing that once again I have the opportunity to invest in the lives of students who have grown up in a different culture. The first year of college is difficult for any student and is filled with major transitions. Add onto that the fact that most of these students have never attended school in the states and are coming from a completely different high school experience. The seminar provides tools to prepare students for the transition into college life in the North American context. In addition, students can find a safe place to understand, share, and live out their story as they embrace their past, understand the present, and build toward their future. During the seminar I will serve as a member of the counseling staff, teach, facilitate a small group, and be available to listen.

I would like to invite you to prayerfully consider how you could assist this ministry. There are two meaningful ways you can help:

  • First, you can pray for me before, during, and after the seminar. Please pray for stamina for the long days and nights. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and flexibility as I communicate and form relationships with the other staff and transitioning MKs. If you would like to receive updates from me, check this blog. Also, pray for Carolyn as she will be acting as a single parent for the two weeks while I'm gone.
  • Secondly, you can invest monetarily in this ministry to MKs by contributing to help cover the living expenses of the seminar. I have been asked to raise $1,000 which will cover room & board, and programing expenses. Please email me (brockemail @ gmail . com or through blogger) if you'd like info on how to give a tax-deductible gift.
I hope you are doing well and I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter. If you'd like to stay in touch email me above or check for updates on this blog.

In Him,


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