Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I think I’ll go to Boston…

…with no desire to start a new life. We had a great time in a really cool city. Our plan was to walk the ‘freedom trail’ which winds it's way through historic places throughout the city for about 3 miles. Fran, the guy we were going to buy our car from said in response to our plans, "No your not, it’s too cold." We didn’t believe him and preceded as planned, starting off at a point he recommended. Fran was right, it was too cold(20 degrees and high wind chill). So, we enjoyed just a few sites in close proximity to our car, ate Clam Chowda, shopped at an outdoor market (where I caused two workers to shout loud profanities at each other and start fighting), and saw Boston harbor. One of our favorite places was Mike's Pastries, an authentic Italian bakery. While walking through the markets we kept seeing all kind of people carrying boxes tied up with string. I finally stopped one of those random people to ask what was in the box and where this place was, I figured if that many people are carrying food from there it must be good. It was good, it was Mike's. It is in Boston's North end on a street lined with Italian restaurants and the cannoli was delicious. By the way, the fight wasn’t my fault, I only asked the workers for 4 oranges. And no, I don’t know who won; we walked away once it escalated to physical violence.

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