Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No Car, No cry

Unlike Bob Marley, my woman gives me no reason to cry. She’s great! Cars however are causing a bit more trouble. We had a great weekend in Boston, however we got back a day early and also without a car. It turns out the car we bought wasn’t actually ‘sound’ mechanically. After driving it for an extended period of time it started to run really rough and overheat. Needless to say there was no way we could drive it back to Arkansas. The guy we bought it from was totally cool about it and helped us out a lot. He felt really bad; he’d had it cleared by a mechanic and everything. He bought the car back from us, gave us $350 for our plane tickets home, took us out to breakfast, and gave us a driving tour of Boston before dropping us off at the airport. We were gone for a total of 46 hours, 25 of those traveling, and we’re back to square one in looking for a car. Things could’ve turned out a lot worse, and one of the biggest losses was pride taking a hit because of the naysayers who thought buying a car online was a bad idea. The thing is this wouldn’t of shown up on a test-drive anyway. So, I’m back scanning the web for a good deal. We’ll chalk it up as a chance to see the city of Boston, and get a test drive of an Outback.

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