Saturday, June 23, 2007

Marriage VI

Today Carolyn & I celebrate our sixth anniversary. I always thought when we first got married that reaching our fifth anniversary would be a great milestone, but the sixth seems bigger. Maby it's because there is a baby on the way, but I sure am thankful for my wife. I can't imagine life without out her and she is such a blessing to me. Marriage has such potential to push you towards growth or tear you down. I definitely have been built up and pushed to grow from Carolyn. To celebrate we're heading to Cannon Beach tomorrow. Needless to say, I'm excited.


Thanks for being such a great friend and partner. I've enjoyed the last six years of living with you more than any other time in my life. Even during those times when we hated out jobs! Though our lives will never be the same with a baby coming (it's already different) there is nothing in life I want to go through without you, especially parenthood. You'll be a great mom and you're already loving our child by letting baby take over your body. Thank you so much for your respect and support. Your personal sacrifice for us to move to Arkansas and believing in my vision means a lot. Thank you for believing in my dream and for being a part of it. You are an amazing woman and I'm blessed to share life with you.

Happy Anniversary,


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