Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Tree

It gave me great pleasure last night to buy our Christmas tree. Unlike last year, the store had fir trees to join the collection of pines. This delighted my heart immensely. We now have a doug fir in our living room and it smells terrific. Imagine my great joy when I read the tag on the tree to discover it was from Oregon!

Now, we're on our 10th living room configuration trying to figure out how the tree will fit. We don't have a big living room to begin with and recently we received a glide rocker from my mom. We love but it isn't a small chair and has made it difficult to make the room not seem crowded. I've moved the couch back and forth a couple times, but I think we're almost there. All that to say I'm so glad it's Christmas time.

Baby update: Carolyn went to the Dr. today and there isn't really any news. 5 days until the due date.

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Cathy said...

So, give us a picture of you two and the front of the Christmas tree!