Sunday, December 09, 2007

Party On

This week ended up pretty busy, mostly because of the 7 Christmas parties we went to between Wednesday and Saturday. I hadn’t planned on going to half of them because I thought we’d have a baby by then. On Friday we went to the Dr. and all is well with the baby. We are at a week over due now and still waiting. They did an ultrasound and think the baby weighs about 7 ½ pounds, has plenty of fluid, and everything is good. If Carolyn hasn’t gone into labor by next weekend, we’ll go in Sunday night to be induced. It seems like every conversation right now begins with, “Still no baby” instead of hello. Here is the JBU RA team all decked out from their tacky Christmas sweater party on Saturday morning:

On Friday night the City of Siloam Springs had their employee party during which they raffle off prizes. Since Carolyn works for the library we took advantage of the free food and had low expectations for the raffle since she didn’t win anything last year. Well, this year was a different story. She was not only the first, but also the last to win a prize. She won a free day off, and this very comfortable La-Z-Boy recliner (made at their factory here in Siloam Springs).

When we walked in I joked about us wining the chair since we’re probably the only people there who don’t have space in our living room for it. We could barely get a Christmas tree as described in as explained in this previous post, but we are so blessed and thankful for this surprise gift.

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