Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scary Stuff

As we all now, Oprah has long been a purveyor of cheap spirituality based on warm fuzzies and half truth. The thing is, we're now getting into scary country now. She is standing by the author of her January book club choice and putting on web-based seminars each week on his teachings. It's all very new age enlightenment stuff, but as with all things Oprah, people are flocking to it. It's the number one podcast on iTunes right now. I wasn't able to find too many articles online with critiques of what some people are calling the Church of Oprah. Click here for one review that explains how she's profiting from corporate sponsorships through it too.

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Joel said...

Did a little reading up on this guy. Wikipedia cites that he has been influenced by buddhism and hinduism although he claims to not have a religious affiliation. In reading about his teachings they definitely seem to sound a lot like Buddhism-i.e. life is pain and we need to transcend that. Sounds like he's saying the same thing but wrapped up in a new package.

That article is bit creepy.