Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Tonight we went to Chipotle for dinner because they gave out a coupon this week that was buy one get one (click here if you'd like one for yourself). It was good, but I realized my expectations are never met with Chipotle. It's good and all, they just aren't as good as Qdoba, they overload on rice, and don't give you chips and salsa like Baja Fresh. The depth of flavor just isn't there, but it is good and we had fun. Anyway, the picture above is Elisa having a great time in Barnes & Noble. I had to return a book and even though we hung around for a while, in the end she still didn't want to leave. The girl just loves books.


Wanda said...
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Wanda said...

That she does! She can tell the story back to you after 1 reading too.

Nancy said...

It's so great to see her loving books;the world opens in so many ways through reading. God is so good in creating language and imagination and Leesi is super blessed in both arenas.