Friday, December 08, 2006

Red Punch, Christmas Parties, & Embarrassment

This week has been the week of Christmas parties for Carolyn & me (5 in three days). Last night was the annual J. Alvin Christmas party (pictures forthcoming) and it was fantastic. Ceilings of lights, live 60 foot Christmas tree, wooden lodge, & a petting zoo & that was just in the Atrium. Not to mention the escape from Chernobyl slide, Winter Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, & sand filled suites.

Tonight was a party for all the faculty/staff of JBU at the Presidents brand new house. The Dr. Pollard & his family moved into their new house about three weeks ago. It is only natural to get a beverage when you enter a party. I followed my social instincts upon entering the party & grabbed a cup of red punch. What followed was easily my most embarrassing moment I've had in the last five years.

I'm sitting on the Pollard's brand new couch in their brand new home with a bunch of people I don't really know. When greeted by someone I do know I spill my cup of red punch all over my lap & the President's brand new couch. Fortunately they had some sort of stain guard on their brand new couch. My pants didn't fair so well. I spent the rest of the evening looking like I had a bladder control issue.


Carolyn said...

Well, at least it's funny in retrospect.

wamaboo said...

That's my boy! I remember an exploding cummunion cup disaster too! Maybe 7 up and clear liquids would be a good choice.