Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Maxed Out

Credit cards are fine, as long as you pay off your balance each month. Oddly enough, there are many who spend and spend and spend, then look aghast at their bill and exclaim, “This can’t be right!” Oh yes, it can. Credit-card users and the lenders who prey on them is the topic of “Maxed Out,” a sharp new documentary that does for plastic what “Super Size Me” did for the fast-food business. Director James D. Scurlock examines the people who get into credit-card debt up to their eyeballs, and the devastation such debt can wreak. Meanwhile, the corporate suits rake in more money than they can count. Some friendly advice: When you go to the box office to buy tickets for this picture, pay in cash. You’ll be very glad you did. (Magnolia Pictures, opens Friday) - from msnbc.com

I read this today, and I'm excited about it. Should be very interesting and a message I think America needs to hear.

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