Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Portland wound up with the #1 pick in the draft! This is a big deal. As SI.com said, the Blazers are relevant again. Here's a sample from the SI article:

"Portland: Of all the winners Tuesday, Oden may have been the biggest of them all as he will be coached by Nate McMillan, who will buy into his prodigal rookie's defensive and team-minded approach without trying to turn Oden into something he isn't (i.e. a selfish ball-hogging scorer). I foresee a player-coach relationship in Portland not unlike what Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich have developed in San Antonio. The Blazers, just like that, are relevant again, and ticket sales should no longer be a problem. They might be the youngest team in the playoffs next year, with Oden complementing Zach Randolph beautifully."

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Jed said...

Woot woot! This ought to be a fun year. Actually I'm not so sure about the Oden-Randolph combo -- I'd rather have them get rid of Randolph altogether. But that's another story...