Wednesday, July 11, 2007

HP Movie

It was disappointing. We were in a theater with a really large group of people who were fans of the musical group Harry and the Potters. They were very enthusiastic and when Hagrid first came on screen they all stood up and sang a song about him. It was amusing before the movie started to hear them singing their Harry Potter songs, but during the movie it got annoying. My biggest dissapointment was that during the final fight in the Ministry between Dumbledore & Voldemort the statues didn't protect Harry like in the book. The last two movies have shown Dumbledore to be weak and just getting by. They did however nail the Dolores Umbridge character.

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beccafredo said...

Too bad about the movie. Since the first two, I've been really disapointed in the movies. They've just left out such important things to add in how they think things should be....and yeah, since the original Dunbledore died, they haven't portrayed him well. Oh well. Guess I'll have to see it to satisfy my curiousity, but the real event of course is book 7!!!!!