Saturday, July 28, 2007

Road trip Day One: In-N-Out

Well on the first day of our road trip (Wednesday) we drove from Columbia City, OR to Merced, CA. About an 11 ½ drive. It went well and was relatively uneventful. It’s amazing how it feels once you enter California. You just know you’re in a different state from Oregon. Everything feels different and a little funny. It’s different than any other state I’ve driven through lately. The best part though was stopping for dinner at In-N-Out. Good burger and great fries, just an all around classic restaurant.

The time flew buy surprisingly fast because we started listening to the Deadly Hallows. I’m enjoying the story, but my anticipation and nervousness about the ending is almost impeding my attention to the story as it goes.

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Hutch said...

Totally know what you mean Greg. I'm halfway through and enjoying it, but my mind keeps flashing to what could be at the end...