Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wait, Wait

My favorite radio show is NPR's Wait, Wait.....Don't Tell Me. It's a weekly news game show that is very funny. They have a segment of the show that is called "Not My Job," where they bring on a famous person and ask them questions completely unrelated to their Job/life. There have been some great guests over the years ranging from an active Supreme Court Justice to little furry monsters. This week's guest was Jim Dale, who is known for reading the audio versions of all 7 Harry Potter books and giving each character a unique voice. If you've ever listened to HP you should listen to this interview, you may be surprised to hear his normal voice. The funniest guest for me was definitely Keving Clash, the voice of Elmo. To have a listen, follow the links above and on those pages click on the Not My Job link halfway down. I bet you'll laugh.


Jed said...

Dude, Wait Wait is awesome. Someday I will have Carl Castle's voice on my home answering machine. Gotta say though that I get a bigger kick out of Car Talk most Saturdays.

Alison said...

I too am a big fan of Wait, Wait. Great stuff. And I agree with Jed, Car Talk is great too.