Monday, October 22, 2007

Henry's, Pizza, & RAs

It has become tradition for my RA retreats that thewhole RA team sit in a hot tub together or lake and drink the best root beer in the world, Henry Weinhard's (which has to be imported because it isn't sold in Arkansas). Though drinking Henry's was obviously a major highlight we had a great rest of the retreat too. We set a vision for the year, debriefed the semester so far, watched Transformers, and really relaxed a lot. On the way home I was talking with Carolyn and was again amazed that I get paid to do this. I'm very thankful for my team and the opportunity to be here at JBU. Here is a picture of us at Pizza Hut for dinner after Carolyn joined us on Saturday.

Notice the random goofy haired guy getting in our picture? He was just friendly I guess.
Extra: Click here for a great review of Henry's quality.

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