Monday, October 15, 2007


I realized the other day that I enjoy watching almost any sport. I've really been enjoying the baseball playoffs, especially watching the Red Sox. This is a very strange thing for me because until 5 years ago if you would've asked me to watch baseball on TV I would've replied, "I'd rather watch paint dry." Now, I find myself checking scores and watching the games. I've always loved watching Basketball, but last year's NBA playoffs were probably the first time I watched without the Blazers being in it. Here comes the thing I've never been able to admit, I sometimes like watching NASCAR too. I know it's just cars going in a circle and it's a total hickville thing to do, but I like cars and I find it intriguing. So, there is my confession for the day. Bring on the Arkansas jokes.


wamaboo said...

I was afraid something like this would happen. Next a silver belt buckle and a Toby Keith CD, It's time to come HOME!

Greg said...

Ouch, that Toby Keith comment hurt the most. For the record I'd watch car races growing up too. It isn't a new thing; I'm just admitting it publicly.