Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday night with the NBA

Tonight the Blazers had a nationally televised game on ESPN against the Knicks. It was nice to watch a full game finally. I got to see the end of Wednesday night's loss to LeBron, but tonight's overtime win to spoil Zach Randolph's first return to Portland since the trade was fantastic. A lot of fun to watch and I'm glad they pulled out the win.

Remember Portland native and former Blazer point guard Damon Stoudamire? Well, he's been playing in Memphis since leaving Portland in '05. Well, he just signed with the Spurs. I'm glad for him. I hope he can stay with them through the end of the season and then retire. Maybe he'll get a rign out of it?

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wamaboo said...

That was a great game, a bit nailbitting but good. Grammy