Monday, February 18, 2008

Joel & Brittany

The weekend of visitation ended when we dropped off Joel & Brittany at the airport this afternoon. We're so thankful that they spent their long weekend seeing the sights and enjoying the delicious local eateries with us. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad all weekend and we didn't get to spend much time outside, but it was fun all the same. Personal favorites were the all-you-can-eat chicken & ribs meal at the local famous AQ Chicken House, Settlers of Catan, and watching Brandon Roy in the All-Star game. Joel & Brittany, thanks so much for coming. We loved having you and are thankful for your friendship.

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Joel said...

We had an awesome time and the only bummer was that the weather was a little crummy. It was fun to see the thunder and lightning though...we don't get that out here on the west coast. I'm impressed that you found the A&Q website. Unfortunately they don't put their nutritional info on there:)