Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bike Accident

We have a bike rack on top of our faithful car that has performed very well. Today, while transporting my mountain bike (to be fixed) I had a little accident. While driving the bike fell out of the rack causing body damage in multiple places on the passenger side of the car. The car ended up with a scratched window, one deep dent (with pain chipped), a couple other dents, and scratched paint.

I think the bike is fine, but I feel really dumb about messing up the car so much. Carolyn asked if I felt better about it knowing the car already had a couple dings when we bought it (that whole the first cut is the deepest thing). I didn't, just foolish for not making sure the bike was in the rack properly in the first place.


Jed said...

dude, that SUCKS!

wamaboo said...

I told you bikes were dangerous.Mom

Cathy said...