Thursday, August 07, 2008


Monday & Tuesday was our Residence Life retreat which meant I was gone on Monday night. The res. life team started our retreat by heading over to the U of A and touring their residential facilities. They showed us their new building that cost about $80,000 per bed to build. To contrast JBU just finished a new wing on one of our resident halls for only $15,000 per bed. We spent the day on Tuesday on Beaver Lake. It was a great day hanging out on a float boat jumping in and out of the water constantly. It was very hot, though, and sunny.

It hit 100 degrees and although I repeatedly put on tons of sunscreen throughout the day, I'm roasted. Carolyn said it's the worst sunburn she's ever seen me have. Tuesday night she described my back as "glowing" and last night it was fluorescent pink. It doesn't feel too bad; it only hurts when I move. Tonight I'll be gone again on the Student Development retreat here. Our SD retreat will end by going to the Naturals game on Friday night which happens to be the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I'm going to have to record it.

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