Saturday, July 29, 2006


We had to travel yonder to find it, but we made our big Ikea trip. It was a bit of a drive all the way to just outside of Dallas in Frisco Texas, 4 ½ hours one way. We had fun though. We picked up a couple of chairs, some lighting for the house, some shelves, and a curtain. One of the best things about Ikea is their kitchen. It’s cheap, delicious, and it’s right there so you can take a break while you shop.

Sometimes when I’m in a department store or in the mall I think about the layout of the store and the motivation of the design (grocery stores put milk in the back so you’ll look at other stuff and buy more when you just stopped to get milk). Most stores are designed to keep you in. Get lost amongst the clothes and shiny things. It sometimes makes me feel disgruntled that they are trying to trick me. Ikea is definitely designed to keep you in.

Their floor plan is a labyrinth that takes you all around the store directed by friendly blue arrows. They place the food court right at the point when you’re thinking, I’m about done here, I should go. But, you see affordable tasty food, get nourished and find you have more stamina to shop. Unlike other stores, I see Ikea’s ploy and am impressed. I don’t feel tricked because the prices are so great. And their stuff is just neat. Designed on purpose to be functional yet attractive. My favorite department the lighting. So many cool shapes and shades. I really like cool lights.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to go to Ikea and live in Portland, click here. You’re wait is almost over. I think Costco just dropped down a level on the after church lunch hierarchy.

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