Monday, July 31, 2006

Strange Place?

A few observations on living in a new place: Going on a late night walk with Carolyn, we don't need a sweat shirt or jacket. This doesn't feel like that great of a revelation, but every time I start to head out the door, I am stopped by this internal watchdog that says I need a jacket. I have to tell myself, multiple times; its okay-it's actually rather hot outside. The lowest temperature since we've been here was 70.

The road kill is different. Armadillos. It's just weird to see the majority of road kill not being furry.

The bugs are louder. There are these bugs in the trees that create a veritable tsunami of sound. I don't know what they are, but they scare me.

Someone warned us when we left that we'd have to deal with ticks and chiggers when we went hiking. I thought whatever, it won't be a problem. Today we went hiking. When we got home I found this little bug crawling on my arm. It looked like a tiny spider that was grayish and kind of red (is it a chigger?). I showed it to Carolyn & we both don't know what it is. I took my socks off. Walked around for a while and began wiping some dirt off of my feet. Mind you this is a good 3 hours after the hike was over. I found about four of those little things trying to burrow into my ankles. They looked liked flecks of dirt. Now all night I've thought there are bugs crawling on me. This will take some getting used to.

I've yet to see a strange looking boy on a broken down wooden porch playing a banjo while a bloodhound rummages through the rusting cars in the yard. I haven't even seen someone with bad teeth. However, country music does play in the grocery stores. Everything mentioned above will become normal, but this country music thing is where I draw the line. May I never get used to that.

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Jed said...

Amen, brother. Long live everything-but-country.