Saturday, July 22, 2006

Road Trip Update, Day 5

Rocky Mountain High: Well we're in Denver and had a great day exploring the city. Denver has some very cool architecture and it was fun just to look at all the buildings. Their library was designed by Michael Graves of The Portland Building & Target fame. They also have a very funky art museum, and are about to finish an even funkier addition to the museum. Unfortunately the US mint & the capitol building weren't open for tours on the weekend, but we enjoyed our stay. I'll openly admit that I thought that there would be amazing views of the Rockies from the city, but I'm uninspired. There are mountains in the distance, but nothing greater looking than when in Portland. I'm chalking up the disappointment to hazy sky and summer melting of snow. Tomorrow we're going for 500+ miles. Our goal is Wichita with arrival in Siloam Springs on Monday. Kansas here we come!

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